About Mpho Tshukudu


My health approach.


I believe your weight issues will resolve themselves when you trust the wisdom of the ancestors, prepare your food slowly and eat it with people you love.


Your thoughts, moods and movement contribute to the quality of your life, because they affect your hunger, energy levels and sleep quality. It’s your lifestyle that makes your body beautiful and healthy. Not just your calorie kilojoule intake.

Food culture and heritage

Food memories, culture & heritage identity. If we ignore our familial taste and preferences, we become someone else.

Talks & Workshops

Time poor, money rich?

Easy to cook, pre-made, batch cooking, guide to shopping and multiple use of ingredients. Easy meal planning tool. 15 - 30min recipes. 5 ingredients recipes.


Old ways vs new ways

How to cook to improve taste & pleasure and maximise nutrient value. New and old foods and preparation methods  - soak, blanch, roast, sprout and bake.


Losing sleep, worrying, the effects of exercise, liquids, food quality, portion size and stress affect your weight and health these lifestyle factors impact each other.

Email access between sessions

As your nutrition coach, I am here for you.  You can reach out for questions, clarifications, the need for feedback and to celebrate each success.


Private Consultations

Handouts, checklist, resources

These are personalised and used as an extension of our time together. Spoken advice can be easily forgotten over time, so I will follow up our calls with an email summary of advice along with any applicable resources.


Detailed assessment of food journal

Your food journal is a powerful tool where you can tangibly track and review your progress and successes.  It’s also a place where we can explore any obstacle or challenges that may pop up.


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Celebrate your heritage, improve  your nutrition and build a healthy you.

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