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Eat Ting – Lose weight. Gain health. Find yourself by Mpho Tshukudu & Anna Trapido


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This book is for anyone who has ever had tried to lose weight while attending the Triple M – maso (funerals), matlapa (unveiling of tombstones) and magadi (lobola) gatherings. This book is for anyone who ever lost weight only to hear their disappointed in-laws observing that ‘Nku go rekwa mosela’, (you buy a sheep based on the size of its bum).

Part mouth-watering modern cookbook, part nutritional handbook, part social commentary, dietician Mpho Tshukudu and food anthropologist Anna Trapido have combined forces to examine the role that culture and context play in the quest for weight loss, health gain and culinary pleasure. Readers who follow the gourmet guidelines will lose weight but this is so much more than just a diet book. Those who lose weight will do so within a broader journey to health, self-knowledge and self-respect.

Tips and tactics for healthy living combine the realities of modern life with African ancestral wisdom to find food solutions based on the diverse, delicious and health-promoting realm of Southern African cuisine. Readers will learn how to incorporate ancient tastes and modern variations with international twists into their daily taste and health strategies.

From hipster breakfasts of low GI sorghum meal flapjacks with sour fig and amasi curds to the slow cooked comfort suppers of tshotlho pulled lamb casserole this book has recipes to suit all palates and social situations. Whether readers want their bean dikgobe plain or poshed up with fennel and lime, it’s all there. Pumpkin leaf salads, tripe and trotters and granny’s classic tomato gravy all make an appearance. Plus puddings and cocktails because pleasure is always part of the package. And of course the ‘ting’ in the title – traditional fermented sorghum, tart and delicious – literally tingling with ancient African taste and goodness.

Based on extensive interviewing, readers will sigh, laugh and cry with recognition at the witty, poignant and inspiring personal stories. Along the way they will lose weight, gain health and find themselves.


Why buy this book:

• Proudly South African.

• Answers the unaddressed need for South African specific nutritional guidance.

• Respectful use of traditional recipes.

• Innovative, delicious and modern recipes.

• Accessible, fun and funny without ever losing scientific and historical credibility.


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